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A guide to the local housing market – look at the empty homes

25 August, 2017

• THE Westminster Extra is right to focus on the many empty properties on the council estates in the City of Westminster (Eighty-seven empty flats on an estate, August 18) but do not forget the empties in the private sector as well.

Along Marylebone’s Bell Street, NW1, alone we have up to 13 brand new homes lying empty without being marketed at all. Four of them are three-bedroom houses (numbers 70, 72, 74, and 76 Bell Street) which have been lying empty since last November and just the type of accommodation that many families in Church Street could do with.

Something is clearly happening in the local housing market for developers not to put their finished homes on the market at all even to rent! Westminster Council need also to watch these empties in the general housing market, as well as their own.



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