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After 50 years carnival has surely served its purpose – scrap it!

01 September, 2017

• WALKING home from Bayswater after doing some shopping on bank holiday Monday, I was struck by the effect of the spill-over from the Notting Hill Carnival.

Hundreds of drunk, loud and semi-feral party-goers rammed the streets. There was mess and litter everywhere, some just piled on the kerb. I couldn’t see rubbish bins, so I wondered if Westminster Council had removed them.

I pity the residents of Bayswater, who don’t live in the carnival zone yet still have to suffer their neighbourhood being taken over and trashed.

Anyone not taking part in the festivities would have felt intimidated and uncomfortable. Surely it is time, once again, to look at alternative ways of staging this event, which do not cause disruption to the lives of local residents.

Move it elsewhere, ticket the event or better yet scrap it. After over 50 years, it has surely served its purpose and is now just an excuse for anti-social behaviour.

Sutherland Avenue, W9


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