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Bob Davenport’s views on Oxbridge choirs made me furious

24 August, 2017

Singer Bob Davenport

• IN respect of Bob Davenport’s view about Oxbridge choristers (In tune, August 17), I am apoplectic with fury.

How dare he suggest that those who cannot sing “join college choirs at Oxford and Cambridge”? Our daughter, a soprano, had to undergo a rigorous process to join her Cambridge college choir as a choral scholar.

When admitted she and all her choir compatriots spent their three undergraduate years religiously and unremittingly attending several weekly rehearsals so as to perform at various Sunday college services, every week of every term for three years, without absence or excuse.

Their collective dedication and sheer hard work was unsurpassed and I was constantly in awe that these 18-, 19-, 20- and 21-year-olds could juggle a harsh and punishing academic schedule with this extra-curricular activity, entirely of their own choice, but done with enthusiasm, pride and loyalty.

Sir, your comments are totally incorrect, prejudiced, and wholly without merit. The joy the Oxbridge choirs give to many others, performing free concerts all over the UK and Europe at the end of exams in June during their annual choir tours, is a sight and sound to behold.

Mr Davenport, I suggest, before you bandy your ill-thought, offensive, and highly biased comments about in the public newspaper pages, you attend one of these lovely events and you will see how these fine young people do not need to be kept “off the streets” … they have more talent, determination and moral fibre than you could ever imagine.

NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD (for my daughter), NW1


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