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Break the silence! Police appeal for help in bid to solve Calvin Bungisa murder

Detectives tell CNJ: 'We know that people know what went on and people have got vital evidence'

21 July, 2019 — By Samantha Booth

Calvin Bungisa was killed on April 1

DETECTIVES have urged the community and witnesses to have “no fear” in coming forward to help crack the unsolved murder of a young man ambushed in Gospel Oak.

They made a new appeal for help, three months on from the killing and with a £10,000 reward now on the table. Calvin, 22, was chased and ambushed in Grafton Road by four men who kicked and stabbed him to death on April 1. The men were seen carrying large knives or swords and wearing dark clothes.

They wore gloves and had their faces covered with masks or scarves. Detective Chief Inspector Mark Cranwell and Detective Inspector Will White said they are still searching for the exact catalyst of what triggered the brutal attack. DCI Cranwell told the New Journal they are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry in the “difficult investigation”.

He said: “I want to appeal to the community and any potential witnesses to come forward to support the investigation and have no fear.”

He added: “I think some of the people in the community know more than they are letting on and, for whatever reason, they are choosing not to tell us everything. I don’t know whether there’s a code, holding information back. I think there’s a belief in some of those young men that if you talk to the police and give information you are seen as a snitch or whatever other terms they use. If anybody feels that way, we want to reiterate we will do everything we can to support them through a very challenging time.”

The detectives revealed how Calvin had been with friends about 45 minutes before he was chased through part of a nearby estate and attacked.

The four men ran away to a stolen Volkswagen car, which was found burned out with false number plates attached half-a-mile away at Court Gardens, near Highbury and Islington station.

DI White said they are in the process of trying to identify the four men who had their faces covered and the driver of the car.

He said they are “not short” of witnesses who saw the attack, adding: “Our challenge is we don’t have any witnesses who, because [the suspects’] faces were covered, are able to take us any further forward in terms of identification.”

The detectives said they are “open minded” over the motive and whether Calvin was personally targeted, or whether it was because he might have been with a group of people.

DCI Cranwell: “I think parties were known to each other but not closely and – some of this is an assumption – but there might have been some sort of previous dispute and that’s why I’m appealing to the public and community to come forward, because somebody knows something out there, and I know that for a fact. We know that people know what went on and people have got vital evidence.”

Police say they are forensically examining a number of recovered items, but do not yet believe they have found the murder weapon. Crimestoppers put up a £10,000 reward this week for any information that leads to the conviction of those responsible for killing Calvin.

Alexa Loukas, regional manager of Crimestoppers London, said: “Calvin is described by his family and friends as somebody who was always laughing, happy and dancing, and as somebody with a great future ahead of him. His life has been cut short senselessly. We are offering this reward to get justice for him and peace of mind for his loved ones and the community in which this happened”

She added: “We urge those who know something about Calvin’s murder to contact our charity anonymously. His family deserve closure and answers. By contacting us you will be doing the right thing, especially if you feel unable to speak directly to the police. Your information could also keep someone else safe from future harm. Please tell us what you know, no matter how insignificant you think it is. In over 30 years we have always kept our promise of 100 per cent anonymity to everyone who trusts our charity with their crime information.”

To contact Crimestoppers call 0800 555 111 or their use their anonymous online form at l A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder on July 1. He has been released under investigation.

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