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Corbyn-backing street artist is caught red-handed?

'Tories Out' painted onto former Pizza Express building in Kentish Town

15 November, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

IT is a stark message spelt in red paint: use your vote to save the NHS. But it appears the mystery artist behind new graffiti on the former Pizza Express building in Kentish Town was disturbed before he could finish the job.

Police posted photos on Twitter of a man caught “red-handed”.

The message on the building, where the com­munity has been promised a new cinema for years, is reportedly the work of a renowned but anonymous street artist whose works have previously had a political slant. During the 2017 election, a similar, striking piece calling on young people to use their vote, and another depicting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared across the area.

Police photo of the handcuffed mystery man

A source close to the artist, who cannot be named, said: “The simple fact is we have the Conservative and Brexit parties, funded by billionaires and getting support from dodgy sources such as oligarchs, buying up billboards.”

They added: “It means if you are rich enough, you can get your message across, and if you are poor, you can’t. That’s why using street art is a good way of balancing the messages people see.”

Police released a man arrested in Kentish Town last week

.The building on the corner of Kentish Town Road and Prince of Wales Road was once part of the old North London Poly­technic, before becoming a pizza restaurant. Previous street artwork mocked the ongoing wait for the site to be put back into use, with the slogan “cinema, coming never”.

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