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Every vote counts

28 November, 2019

Banners being held up outside Carlton Primary School 

• AS a mother at Carlton Primary School and a woman of colour in our diverse community, together with other parents and carers, we have helped to bring the attention to the importance of registering to vote.

I was delighted to participate in a video online to Promote the Migrant Vote in English with a friend who did one in Hindi. Many Commonwealth citizens over 18 years old are eligible to vote in the UK general elections. Often women of BAME communities are excluded and don’t get the information they need to vote.

Those of us who have little English are often sidelined while another family member, who can understand the procedure, votes. Ending the inequalities of racism, sexism and isolation have to be at the heart of any government.

Living and working locally, we circulated leaflets to community centres and mosques to explain the registration process. We stood at the gates of Carlton Primary School and Kentish Town C of E with our banner which read: “Ladies, we won the vote. Now let’s use it against racism and austerity.”

We had a great response from mothers and fathers too. Some took selfies with the banner and many said they were voting Labour. This general election is a crucial one that will determine the future of all our lives.

All communities should be able to have their say on whether life should remain as it is or vote to have a major shake-up for better living and working conditions, education and health.

If over the last nine years there have been issues that have impacted and demeaned your standard of life, or of others that you know, come out and vote on December 12. Every vote counts.



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