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Farm staff rescue hedgehogs marooned on pond island

Cute wildlife in a bit of a pickle

15 August, 2019 — By Tom Foot

FARM staff rescued two “juvenile” hedgehogs found marooned on a pond island.

The nocturnal creatures, nicknamed Robinson and Crusoe after the fictional character, were covered in green “duckweed” that forms in water in warm weather.

It is believed the carnivores – rarely seen in daytime – had been seeking out frogs to eat in the Cressfield Close farm pond, or hiding
from hungry foxes.

Mia helps to prepare rescued created for release back into the garden

The farm’s resident hedgehog expert Mel Chamberlain said: “We are not sure but I reckon they were snacking on frogs and took a tumble into the drink.

“Hedgehogs can swim but they get tired very quickly, because of their little bodies – it’s an effort to stay afloat.”

The hedgehogs were put in duck cages filled with leaves and straw next to a “heatlamp”, while a spread of cat food was laid on.

They were later released back into the garden.

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