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Free trees on offer in bid to plant new ‘forest’

Cherry, Acai and Maple trees available at Think And Do

29 November, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

Volunteers Mike Jenn, David Black, Ian Grant, Catherine Wells, Debbie Bourne, Caitlin Allen, Stephen Evans, Helen McCormack

CLIMATE activists hope to create a new forest – by giving away hundreds of free trees.

People volunteering at a special pop-up climate emergency centre in Kentish Town Road will spend this Saturday handing out trees for people to plant in their back gardens.

Organiser Mike Jenn told the New Journal: “We want to create a new Camden forest and aim to plant 2,025 trees by 2025 – and we believe we’ll easily be able to beat that.”

The trees can be collected from the former Flapjacks Cafe, which is now called the Think and Do community space. On offer are Cherry, Acai and Maple trees.

Other initiatives the team are planning include clothing rail swap shops, an idea prompted by pupils from Acland Burghley, William Ellis, LSU and Parliament Hill schools. They also plan to host a discussion this weekend on the fashion industry’s effects on the climate, led by students from the nearby schools.

Co-organiser Debbie Bourne said: “We have had an amazing response so far to the space. We have had a very rich and diverse range of people come in – and people coming from right across the borough to see what we are doing and join in. People like the idea that this is a place for your imagination.”

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