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How to tackle a fare-dodger

23 August, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• ON Sunday, at around half-past midday, I got on a bus No73 on Oxford Street.

It came to halt near Tottenham Court Road, the driver was saying that someone was not going to pay the fare, therefore it had to be terminated there.

Other passengers and I all got off the bus without complaining, an elderly gentleman even praised him that he wanted to see more of that action. I could not agree more with him and asked the courageous driver to keep up the good work.

While we waited for the next one, the fare-evading person finally gave up, and emerged from the bus, and so we were able to continue our journey.

As I often go to work by bus, I see so many fare-dodgers on this type of bus. They can be male and female, young and not-so-young, and they simply hop on without paying.

Incidentally, these “Boris” buses are absolute rubbish in my opinion – as much as the now-disappeared bendy ones (Mr prime minister, are you reading this?).

Ossulston Street, NW1


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