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Increasing police numbers will not beat knife crime

23 August, 2019

• I WAS stabbed in 1989 on a Friday when I was coming home from work. The motive was to take money from me. If the knife had penetrated 2mm more I would have died. It took me three months to recover.

Nearly two weeks ago, I read that a Muslim youth died after knife attack not far from where I was attacked. The motive is not known but it appears that it could be due to some altercation between two groups.

In July another young person was stabbed to death when he refused to hand over his phone in another part of London. So the motivation of knife crime can be for money / phones etc or an altercation between groups.

Knife crime is not limited to Camden. It is widespread in London and mayor Sadiq Khan is blaming the government for lack of funds to appoint police. Increasing police numbers will not stop this kind of crime.

We have to identify the motives of the knife crimes. There is a pattern and resources should be available to break this. The general assumption that knife crime is due to disadvantaged communities, with higher unemployment, will not help in resolving this London-wide epidemic.



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