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Making a fuss of the puss that was missing from home for a year

02 May, 2017

Sam Lennard welcomes Jax back home after his mysterious year away

DIARY hears a little Easter miracle took place in Queen’s Park Gardens over the holiday period.

A brown Burmese cat, limping about with a paw stuck in his collar, was found by a woman.

After she freed the cat it ran away, but in the collar was the owner’s number.

It turns out that the cat, Jax, had been lost from his adoring family for more than a year – and had somehow managed to travel three miles away from his home in Belsize Park.

Owner Clare Lennard said: “We burst into tears of joy. We’d spent so many months looking for him and eventually gave up hope. It’s a miracle. He went missing on Good Friday last year and resurrected just after Easter this year.”

Queen’s Park Gardens is a small park in north Westminster that is celebrated for its rose garden – a haven for birds, butterflies, bats and bees.

“He smelled terrible,” said Ms Lennard’s son, Sam.

“We had to hold our noses all the way home and he had a really bad injury under his arm where his collar had been rubbing him.”

Jax’s joyful reunion was tempered slightly soon after he got through the door.

Ms Lennard added: “He walked inside, very confident and happy, and then stopped dead in his tracks as he saw two younger versions of himself.”

Believing Jax was lost for good, the family had bought two new cats, Oskar and Rozy, which came from a new litter from Jax’s mother.

“They hissed and growled at each other,” said Sam’s sister Lucy, 13.

“I had to try and keep the peace by whistling at them. We’re just so happy to have him home.”


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