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March against Brexit on September 9

24 August, 2017

• WHILE Nato deterred the Soviet Union from aggression against its members, the EU has helped avoid other possible conflicts.

When Soviet hegemony over central Europe and the Balkans ended many feared that the former satellites would revert to their inter-war violence and authoritarian government and to making territorial claims against one another.

These things happened in parts of former Yugoslavia but nowhere else. I believe the reason the other former satellites behaved better than had been feared is that they wanted, and have mostly now got, EU membership.

Earlier Spain moved from dictatorship to democracy with surprisingly little trouble when you bear in mind its violent past.

Again I believe a desire to join the EU caused political leaders to be sensible and co-operative. As readers will have guessed, I believe our decision to leave the EU is one we shall regret.

There is a march against Brexit on September 9 starting from Hyde Park at 11am and ending in Parliament Square and I encourage all who think as I do to join it.



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