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Massive tree falls blocking entrance to Bloomsbury Baptist Church

'I saw the tree falling towards me', Reverend

16 March, 2020 — By Tom Foot

No one was seriously injured

A REVEREND watched in horror as a giant tree fell towards his church on Sunday afternoon.

Bloomsbury Baptist Church Revd Dr Simon Woodman said upper branches  scraped down his office window before blocking the entrance in Shaftesbury Avenue around 2.45pm.

No one was seriously injured but a young woman was caught by some of the branches.

Rev Woodman said it “was a huge shock”, adding: “I was sitting at my desk which looks out onto Shaftesbury Avenue, on the third floor and I saw the tree falling towards me – its upper branches scraped down my window.

“It happened at about 2.45pm. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt – if there had been a car waiting at the lights, it could have been a catastrophe – although one young woman who was walking by was knocked over by the upper branches and had some minor grazes and shock.

“Some minor damage to the building, a broken window pane, but nothing more serious. Thankfully we had finished our worship for the day, and most people had already left.”

Worshippers had left the church after the weekly Sunday service of pipe organ music and liturgical choir. The church congregation alos enjoy a light and affordable meal in the afternoon.

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