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New Conservative candidate’s street rescue drama

Former nurse Alexandra Hayward helps man bleeding in the street

16 November, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Conservative parliamentary candidates Johnny Luk and Alexandra Hayward

A FORMER nurse who is standing for the Tories at next month’s general election used her skills to help save a man having a seizure in the road.

Alexandra Hayward was in Holborn as part of her campaign to take on Labour heavyweight Sir Keir Starmer in Holborn and St Pancras when she saw a man stricken in Brook Street.

“I stopped the car and said I was a nurse and ‘could I help?’. The people around him said yes,” she said. “He had been having a seizure and had a large laceration to his head. I don’t want to be too graphic but the blood was pouring all the way down the road. My scarf basically became a tourniquet. When an ambulance arrived, they basically said thanks, but sorry you won’t be getting your scarf back. We just did what we could.”

Ms Hayward, a councillor in the Three Rivers district in Hertfordshire, was selected by the party’s central office over the weekend. She said: “I know the area very well from my work as a nurse. I worked at Bart’s but we had people coming in from Camden and I was out in ambulances all around the area. It feels like I’m coming back to Camden as I’ve always seen myself as a north Londoner – and definitely spent countless pounds in Camden market.”

Asked by the New Journal where she stood on Brexit, Ms Hayward did not say whether she had personally voted to leave or remain at the 2016 referendum. “I think the nation voted and we had a result and since then we have had three years of uncertainty for businesses and for their employees. We just need now, whichever side you were on at that referendum, to get Brexit done and let the country move on.”

The Conservatives came second to Mr Starmer in 2017 but more than 30,000 votes behind Labour. Camden, meanwhile, was one of the most pro-remain areas in the UK at the referendum, with around 75 per cent of people who took party wanting to stay in the EU.

The Liberal Democrats are confident they can at least score second place with their candidate Matthew Kirk while Kirsten de Keyser is standing for the Greens. UKIP is also expected to field a candidate in Holborn and St Pancras.


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