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No more Dreamies for Squeaky the cat!

Pussy securing endless treats outside Waitrose

30 October, 2020 — By Tom Foot

Squeaky (Ginger) isn’t scared of passers-by

SQUEAKY likes to sit on the back steps of Waitrose waiting for strokes, belly rubs and to charm handouts from sympathetic shoppers who suspect he is a stray.

Like the children’s book classic Six Dinner Sid, the cat has become an expert in securing “illicit meals” outside the upmarket supermarket in the Brunswick Centre, King’s Cross.

But there are concerns that Squeaky is being dangerously over-indulged and worried neighbours this week were reminding shoppers that treats are not the only way to a cat’s heart.

Celia Cockburn, who lives nearby, said: “I have seen him being fed chunks of raw chicken, Dreamies, tins of cheap and posh cat food, tins of tuna in oil and yogurt or cream. I have seen a person decanting an entire large tin directly on to the steps leading up to Waitrose.”

She added: “Dairy like eggs, too much tuna, raw meat, and other things people associate cats with, can actually be very bad for their health.”

Squeaky snaffles another high-end treat

Ms Cockburn knows the cat’s owner who she said feeds him appropriately at home.

She added: “For years I have had numerous conversations with people, often repeating that he is not a stray, and that his owner doesn’t want people to feed him. It’s as though people feel he’s friendly only because they feed him. I have never fed Squeaky, or anyone else’s pet, yet he still comes when I call him, and loves to be stroked by me.”

Cats get fatter and fatter if they’re regularly overfed and this leads to lethargy and often illnesses like diabetes or breathing problems.

Photographer Simon Lamrock, who lives nearby, said he had spoken to staff in Waitrose who said “Squeaky got his name because of the sound of his meow”, adding: “Shoppers feed him because they think he’s a stray.”

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