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Police divers find guns in canal

Underwater teams also retrieve a cracked phone and a broken watch

19 July, 2018 — By Tom Foot

TWO revolvers were hauled from the murky depths of the Regent’s Canal yesterday (Wednesday).

Met police divers said they were working at the St Pancras Way bridge, by the Constitution pub, as part of a planned sweep of the canal for weapons. It was not connected with any single case. They were working for the Met’s Operation Sceptre, set up to tackle the surge in knife violence across the capital.

Police say the operation has led to 500 arrests and taken more than 400 weapons off the streets.

A gun cartridge from another weapon was also recovered from the canal, along with a cracked iPhone and a broken watch. The four divers were taking turns in the water. The canal was not sectioned off during the search and the public were allowed to walk past.

The divers said that the guns recovered looked decades old and would likely be destroyed rather than checked by forensic teams.

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