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Protest about the cuts to Safer Neighbourhoods Teams

18 August, 2017

• IN response to Steve Adams (So what is the law for today? August 11), Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are just that, small teams of officers to work with their ward to tackle relevant local issues.

Of course, the police investigate violent and serious crime, though not through the SNTs. If people don’t report crimes, such as anti-social behaviour and drug abuse, there is no crime recorded, therefore no problem, no resources.

But SNTs have been cut to a minimum. Instead of complaining, people should be lobbying their MPs, councillors, etc, to get them more resources.

As it is, I understand the SNTs have to bid for resources, and if no crime is reported, no resources. As to the law-abiding public being advised on crime prevention, most of this is so obvious that they shouldn’t need to be advised.



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