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RCN London is very concerned about moves to reconfigure sexual health services

01 September, 2017

• RCN London remain very concerned about the moves to reconfigure sexual health services.

At a time when the demand for sexual health services is up 25 per cent and STIs such as syphilis are on the increase for the first time since 1949, the shift from clinician-led diagnosis and treatment to an increasingly self-service model suggests a sexual health service done on the cheap and risks undoing the work that has been done to combat STIs and improve sexual health.

The plans to shed numbers of staff, such as specialist health advisers, who work with those who have suffered sexual exploitation, could deny victims the tailored support that they need.

We are clear that any service redesign should not exclude those from diverse and vulnerable communities. We are equally clear that the government should stop cutting public health budgets and give councils the hard cash they need to provide the best service possible.

Regional Director Royal College of Nursing London, W1


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