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School pupils can be made to feel unwanted by others

14 October, 2021

Acland Burghley Secondary School

• I AM writing with reference to the story regarding a pupil who had been discriminated against by Acland Burghley by failing to provide supervision at break time required by law, (School discriminated against disabled pupil, October 7).

What I find surprising in the article is there is no mention by the school about a problem they might have with bullying.

It’s as if there is simply an acceptance of the situation. The boy, who had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to the article was “punched repeatedly” and “prone to taunts as part of an ongoing pattern of bullying”.

My daughter, who also has ADHD, went briefly to Acland Burghley and while she didn’t suffer the same degree of bullying as the boy in the article, she was often teased and made to feel unwanted by other pupils due no doubt to her impulsive and sometimes inappropriate behaviour, symptomatic of her condition.

After she came home one day in tears we decided to move her to another school. When I spoke to her teacher about that particular incident, she seemed more concerned about the feelings of the bully. To save embarrassment my daughter might feel I am asking that our identity be withheld.



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