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The attack on Marx’s grave is symptomatic, we must engage in civilised debate

14 February, 2019

Karl Marx’s vandalised grave in Highgate Cemetery

• KARL Marx’s grave was not vandalised over the February 2-3 weekend, (Vandalised! Karl Marx memorial in Highgate Cemetery ‘repeatedly smashed’, February 7).

I visited with a friend on January 31 and the damage was already done. I am sorry that we did not think to report it at the time. The only good thing is that it was a major news event from which we can learn.

The message has to be respect and tolerance for all views unless they promote violence or hatred. No amount of surveillance will prevent such attacks. And there’s the rise in hate crime.

We all have a responsibility, when some use Brexit to promote extremist views and intolerance, to engage in civilised debate, and to listen to others rather than hearing only what we want to hear.

East Finchley


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