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The Taliban may not be to everyone’s taste but…

07 October, 2021

Fereidoun and Wahida Ansari, who fled unimaginable suffering at the hands of the Taliban

‘NOW we’re safe from Taliban’ ran the headline in the Camden New Journal (September 30). At first I thought I had picked up the Daily Mail.

The Taliban may not be to everyone’s taste in this neo-liberal society we live in, thousands of miles away from the tribal society of Afghanistan, but it was their peasant army that drove out Nato, once composed of 40 countries.

You don’t bring human and civil rights, in western terms, to any country by bombing and killings its people by the thousands.

As for refugee concern – isn’t that a Tory government forcing, for propaganda reasons, this issue on to councils which already have no housing to spare?

It is estimated that there needs to be four million units of social housing built to solve the housing problems in the United Kingdom.

Every time we have a Conservative government in power the slum landlords expand and thrive. Eventually most refugees will fall into their hands.



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