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There needs to be a proper traffic management scheme in Hampstead

14 February, 2019

The High Street Oriel Place/Flask Walk zebra crossing

• I ENTIRELY agree with the observations in John Stratton’s letter, (No room for Chelsea tractors on the congested Hampstead High Street, February 7).

It was only today that I was walking south along the higher road in front of Greenhill (that being the most direct route from Prince Arthur Road to Rosslyn Hill) I was confronted by a lady and young child walking towards me on the very narrow pavement and a series of massive vehicles only inches away from me to my left.

I commented about the dangerous road and she agreed. Mr Stratton feels that, nevertheless, this route has to be maintained. I understand the need for traffic from Rosslyn Hill to gain access to Fitzjohns Avenue.

However, much of the traffic uses this higher road merely to overtake the constant traffic jam on the High Street. Surely there should be a left turn only sign into Prince Arthur Road to prevent this.

I suspect motorists from Vane Close may feel inconvenienced, but so be it. I live off Perrins Lane where there is a left-only sign onto the High Street, which is inconvenient for drivers wishing to travel south down the High Street but residents accept this.

I further agree with restricting large vehicles and parking facilities. Many drivers use Hampstead as a through route and many others visiting the area are perfectly capable of using public transport. After all, one wouldn’t expect to drive and park in Oxford Street, so why Hampstead?

I have a car with my own private parking but nevertheless usually use tubes and buses to avoid adding to the dreadful congestion and pollution in the area.
There needs to be a proper traffic management scheme here.



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