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They’re stealing Quintin Kynaston’s history

16 June, 2017

Quintin Kynaston headteacher Alex Atherton

• I WAS dismayed to read of the intention to rename Quintin Kynaston School (QK name change ‘Year Zero’ fear, June 9).

This seems a further example of corporate take-over from the public realm and a loss of civic history.

As a former QK parent and parent governor, I have valued the school’s history, its original foundation by educational reformer Quintin Hogg, its merger in 1969 with the neighbouring Kynaston Technical School (named after former London Lord Mayor, businessman, and cricketer Kynaston Studd) to become a comprehensive, and the admission of girls in 1976 with headteacher Peter Mitchell.

There may be a few blots in the school’s history, but there are far more positive features reflected in the history and the name Quintin Kynaston. Let’s keep it.

RM O’Dell
Ingestre Place, W1


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