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Why I challenge this penalty charge notice

14 February, 2019

Open letter to Camden councillors, Sir Keir Starmer MP and the Editor, in relation to a penalty charge notice (PCN) that I received on January 22.  

• I FEEL that not only am I challenging the PCN for myself but also the manner in which Camden Council has decided to implement the new pedestrianised zone at the far end of Savernake Road next to Gospel Oak School.

As a resident of Savernake Road, (I have lived here for six years) I completely agree with the very necessary decision to pedestrianise this area to make it safer for children during school drop-off and collection times.

What I am in utter disbelief about is the way in which this has been implemented. Prior to receiving my £65 ticket in the post I had received no notification that the end of the road was about to be pedestrianised.

As I have been living here and driving down this road on an almost daily basis for the last six years I did not notice the discreet signs which have been erected to notify motorists about the restriction.

I feel that, as a resident, the council had a duty to properly communicate this information to me. Leaflets should have been put through doors. Posters should have been put on lamp-posts. Emails should have been sent.

The council has my address, email address and my telephone number and yet I have received nothing to notify me.

The other issue I take with this implementation is the fact that the signing is not clear enough. I have stood outside my front door in the morning and watched motorist after motorist drive down the new pedestrianised area during the restricted times.

As the signing is not clear enough, drivers are still using this route. Therefore the children of Gospel Oak school are not adequately being safeguarded, rendering the new initiative ineffective. However Camden Council have now found a new and lucrative revenue stream from unsuspecting motorists.

Savernake Road is used as a through-route from Hampstead to Gospel Oak and Kentish Town and I have often taken issue with the fact that the council has not done enough to restrict the speeds of passing motorists on this residential road where many families with young children live.

It was a necessary idea to make the far end of the road a pedestrianised area at the school busy times. However surely it would have been a far more sensible approach to make this clearer to motorists by erecting road signs similar to the ones that are currently used on the restricted areas of Grafton Road NW5. (Electronic rotating no-entry signs)

Please note I challenge this PCN as I did not receive appropriate notification of the new restriction as I should have as a resident and I would gratefully ask my representatives to ask the council to consider changing the signing to make it clearer to motorists so that the children of Gospel Oak school can be appropriately safeguarded during busy times.



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