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Your headline shocked me and was unhelpful

23 August, 2019

• I AM the parent of two boys who both attended Acland Burghley in recent years and was shocked to read the online headline regarding the death of an ex-student, (Regent’s Park estate stabbing: Victim was excluded from school, August 15).

The article makes a link between his death and the school’s decision in 2018 to exclude him. I understand the New Journal has run stories questioning links between exclusion rates and support available to challenging pupils.

But to point fingers using such an accusatory headline after the horrendous death of this lad is journalistically irresponsible and upsetting – and unfair to the whole school community, not least the brilliant headteacher and staff who work tirelessly to support their students.

Acland Burghley is well known for its excellent pastoral care, having received top marks for this in Ofsted reports over many years.

Our community is grieving; the last thing we need is for our local paper to fan the flames and find blame in the very people who work so hard to make a difference to the lives of their pupils.

Schools are not to blame for these heinous teen knife crimes, the government makes the rules regarding exclusion, it is the government who don’t provide proper funding to support young people who need it. This is an unhelpful and cruel response to a heartbreaking situation.



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